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Together! Ethiopian Residents Charity

Together! was found by an inclusive team of Ethiopian and German professionals who have years of work experience in disability mainstreaming, technical vocational education and training, adaptive technology and rehabilitation and psycho social support. 

Through the experience, research and analysis of former project activities, this team has developed a holistic project idea aiming at the educational and professional inclusion of persons with visual impairments.

On March 6, 2013 Together! got its certificate of licensing and registration from the Federal Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency and re-newed its license successfully on April 4, 2016. Since its inception Together! has been successfully administered by a well experienced, diverse management board, consisting of seven members coming from relevant professional fields. The executive officers of the General Assembly are likewise composed of skilled national and international individuals with valuable experiences and skills.

Together! aims at providing holistic project approach for disadvantaged and marginalized visually impaired persons with still lacking skills, rehabilitative services and materials.At the implementation level, a hierarchical management team consisting of females and males with different abilities is monitoring the work carried out the of the respective work units/projects. 

So far Together! has reached more than 1,450 direct beneficiaries by rehabilitation, education, job inclusion services and 6,000 indirect beneficiaries, who are families, relatives and other community members.